Elaine Mai

County Dublin

It’s all about progression. Elaine Mai, from her early start as a solo artist, crafting haunting melodies layered over harmonies, beats and acoustic guitar, has changed. Evolved, you might say. Since the release of her debut EP, Dots, in 2012, there has been a steady, perceptible shift in the style of her live shows. While there is still the same beautiful songs, there is a new focus on the beats and the dancefloor, moving away from the acoustic to the electronic, yet maintaining that same beautiful attention to the melody that has made her stand out as a performer. Her new EP Known/Unknown is available now for free right here: www.soundcloud.com/elainemai

Elaine has also been developing her skills as a remixer; her latest work, a remix of the track 'Waiter' by Heathers sits comfortably beside her stunning reworking of Chameleon Life by Daithi, which came third in Nialler9’s Reader’s polls remixes of the year.

Exciting times ahead.

"One of Ireland's most promising electronic artists"
Hot Press

"It’s hard to decide what Elaine’s top skill is. Her voice? Her remixes? Her ability to turn the gig into a party? Or maybe all of them combined into a modest, hard-working young artist. Only time will tell, but the future looks bright for Elaine Mai"

"As unique as she is talented, Mai has all the hallmarks of a future star"
State Magazine

"A magnificent smoky slap of a voice who is already showing a strong hand when it comes to neat, nerve-tingling acoustic pop"
Jim Carroll, The Irish Times

For bookings contact gugai@roisindubh.net

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Elaine Mai 'Live'