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Skelocrats are a famous pop band established in 2012 who released their greatest hits, The Complete Skelocrats, in December of that year. This is a thrilling combination of their 2 EPs, Whip Crack Away and Hot Yoga.

Some people said these things about Whip Crack Away:

"A work that bears the input of different personalities yet hangs together beautifully. Skelocrats may just prove to be the best thing [Popical Island] has produced to date." - Phil Udell, State Magazine

"It’s an idiot savant record, lovely, well balanced pop bristling under the surface of what seems to be something that was put together in a shed over the weekend and recorded onto a Dictaphone wielded by a sugared-up toddler." - Dara Higgins, Thumped

"Whip Crack Away is a reflective, mature EP with ebullient highlights and concise, emotionally resonant storytelling." - AU Magazine

There was a song called Skelocrats in Heaven on the Popical Island #3 compilation:

Band members are Padraig Cooney, Bronwyn Murphy-White, Michael Stevens and Paddy Hanna.

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