County Galway

Aaron has been Djing since a young age, starting with his first set of Decks at the age of 18.

Following on from that he began to produce using various methods, mainly software but found that it did not give the desired results.
As he progressed his musical style a shift occurred related to his producing techniques. This is notably due to the acquisition of two retro drum machines. From that day on he knew hardware was his preferred choice. With the limitations of this equipment it pushed him into new territory. This mainly resulted in music with intensive percussive Two Step sounds. Aaron has also been heavily influenced by nostalgia of UK rave culture in which his uncles were involved.

Aaron quit school at a very young age and began to work in various fields such as Enginnering and Information Technology, before he decided to to leave a stable job to return to education to finish what he had started.

Aaron has also been awarded a Masters of Science from University of Ulster in 2011 where he studied.

Aaron has also studyed at third level in Galway and Donegal in areas such as science and Engineering.





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