Able Archer

Dublin, County Dublin

Able Archer. A proper rock band with hardly any ironic beards or cardigans.

Maybe you are the sort of individual who is able to imagine exactly what would happen if Soundgarden and Depeche Mode were stuffed into a blender and given a right old zizzz?

Hell, I’ll bet you’re even doing the sound effects inside your mind right now – and grinning like a TV weather man in a heatwave as you contemplate that most unnatural of sonic smoothies.

Well, see what you have there - that mixture dripping down your metaphorical chops and lighting up your cerebellum - That’s called Able Archer, that is.

But, of course, if you’ve never actually seen these boys live or heard their excellent EP, Bullets then, the soup you been supping here is purely theroretical stuff.

That’s easily sorted. This lively 5-piece rock outfit first perfected their recipe in late 2011 and have been hawking their wares around Ireland hippest haunts ever since to growing aclaim. So, you’ll soon develop a taste for their quare stuff.

So, are they going to be the next big thing? Nah. But they could be the big thing after the next big thing.

These boys are modest, hardworking musicians. They don’t actually expect overnight success. They know they have to earn their stripes on the circuit first and that’s what they’re currently doing - at a venue near you.

Mezmerizing, melodic, refeshingly humble and tighter than a cat’s balloon knot.

Able Archer are:
Emmet (lead vocals)
Neil (keys)
Rob (guitar)
Diarm (bass player)
Seán (percussion)

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Upcoming Gigs

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  29 Jun 2014 21:00 Philfest, Drumcoura City, Co . Letrim   PhilFest   Buy Tickets