Cork City, County Cork

COALTRAAN play a completely original set. In one review the band’s music was described as ‘Roots Trance’.
Having years of experience behind them, the pedigree of this band is in the ability to deliver their very original sound, with a freshness and a progressiveness which draws out all the nuances from within the music.
“I wouldn’t really call it Jazz, but it’s not far off, in that improvisation is the key to what we do. Whenever we start into a number, we never know where it may lead us. A song can last for five minutes or go on for twenty minutes depending on how we interact with each other and how the audience responds to us.
This makes it very exciting as a musician, there is always a great sense of exploration within the band.
Always an interesting set to listen to and watch. From slow, cool jazzy meaningful numbers to raunchy, get up and shake it, funky club sounds

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