Colette Cassidy&Nigel Clark

Dublin, County Dublin

COLETTE CASSIDY & NIGEL CLARK first met at the Karlstadt Jazz Festival in Croatia in 2005, it proved to be an important encounter.
Some years later Nigel moved from his native Scotland to Colette's home town of Dublin and the two musicians began rehearsing together. They both recalled an intuitive musical chemistry between them; Colette’s rich and luxurious tone complementing Nigel’s sophisticated guitar playing. They started working to build a repertoire, exploring pop tunes and the jazz standard repertoire. Nigel suggested the possibility of songwriting together and shortly after that Colette wrote her first set of lyrics. Nigel was amazed at the depth and musicality of her first lyrics that “read like poetry”. Drawing on their mutual great love of melody and their skills in the art of improvisation they quickly developed a unique songwriting style that blends the traditions of the classic Irish Ballad and the great 20th century jazz composers.

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