Conor Walsh

Swinford, County Mayo

"warm, subtle, evocative tones" (Jim Carrol. Irish Times)

"genuinely spellbinding live'" (James Hendicott, AU Magazine)

"beautiful expressiveness" (Lola Perrin)

"heart-stopping" (Celina Murphy Hotpress magazine)

Minimalist piano/electro acoustic composer from the west of Ireland. Conor has been writing minimalist/ambient pieces for piano since his teens.

His compositions draw upon elements of the traditional, classical,experimental, rock,idm and minimalist genre's . Conor's work is dramatically stark yet soothing, melancholy yet hopeful. Major musical influences include Aphex Twin, Chopin and Tool.

He has made notable appearances at a number of high-profile festivals such as HWCH and the Electric Picnic. Conor's music has been featured in the feature length documentary 'Apples of the Golan', BBC Radio's 'Colum Sands' show and on RTE Radio 1's John Murray Show, RTE Documentary 'Looking out for no. 1' and the Reality Bites series 'Twopair Films' documentary 'Analogue people in a digital age'.

Conor is currently recording an album which will be finished in 2014.

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The Front by Conor Walsh (Piano) Quadrivium by Conor Walsh (Piano) The Only by Conor Walsh (Piano)