Dawn Chorus

Knocklyon, County Dublin

Dawn Chorus consists of five young music students combining to form a multi-genre band. Each member focuses on various genres, blending each together to create a unique and distinctive sound. From classic rock and roll and blues to funk and jazz undertones, these styles are combined under the Dawn Chorus sound to create fresh new music with modern themes. Their idealism is to create music without genre limitations, exploring all aspects that each style has to offer. The groups main goal is to create music that will appeal to a wide range of listeners by utilising slick songwriting ideas and poppy hooks. Dawn Chorus fashion a post-modern approach to music, embracing intertextuality into their music. Five childhood mates who came together through their love for music, and who love the music that they create, they look forward to the buzz of playing gigs in the months following their E.P. release.

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