County Dublin

Dublin-four-piece Delorentos write emotionally urgent songs for your heart, head and feet.

School friends who bonded in spite of the disparity of their musical tastes, Delorentos have released three critically acclaimed albums; their Choice and Meteor awards nominated "In Love With Detail", You Can Make Sound, and the brand new Little Sparks.

Recorded with Mercury Music Prize Award Winner Rob Kirwan (PJ Harvey, U2), the 12 tracks of Little Sparks are the fully-fledged fruits of the band’s recordings over 2011 and display a depth of songwriting prowess that ably eclipses the band’s first two albums and offers a real insight into the ever-growing potential of the band.

All of which signals a new approach by Delorentos, a band who are keen to embrace and share all aspects of their interests and skills from here onwards.

Delorentos have toured ferociously in the short time they’ve been together, and have stories to back it up. At support slot for the Arctic Monkeys both bands’ set of parents watched the show together, as if their kids were playing Sunday football. They’ve played summer gigs in the warm dusk as the sun sets over towns, while the people sang the words back to them. Also in the scrapbook is the memory of sipping champagne under cherry blossom trees at South By Southwest, whilst quite delirious with flu: a far cry from home, where, Kieran explains, “Portrane has a chip shop and a pub; that’s it!”

Having established a strong live set up, Delorentos continued to pack out headline dates, on top of shows with Supergrass, The Coral, and hilltop-tours of Italy (in association with Myspace). Whilst playing in the 02, their drummer, Ross, broke his metatarsal, but miraculously played on; perfectly encapsulating the band’s never-say-die spirit.

In 2012 they look forward to touring as far and wide as their passports will take them!

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