Dry Roasted Peanuts

Cork City, County Cork

Dry Roasted Peanuts came together in early 2016 as the end result of a series of ultimately fortuitous drunken encounters. Since then they have been gigging and writing new material consistently, with their wide range of influences producing a fresh and compelling alt-rock sound. D.R.P. are well used to playing all around the country having performed in Galway, Cork, Clare and Dublin. The band were recently crowned winners of the 2017 Intervarsities Battle of the Bands after having won first in UCC. Delivering irresistible, driving riffs with a raw rock mentality and stark, arresting lyrics, Dry Roasted Peanuts are here to rob your phone, shift your beour, and smoke ALL of your nodge - and they're not taking any shit, either.

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Upcoming Gigs

  10 Jun 2017 23:00 Bare in the Woods festival, Portlaoise, Laois   BARE in the Woods Festival   Buy Tickets  
  15 Jul 2017 22:00 Valley of Art Festival, Turraheen, Rossmore, Tipperary   Valley of Art Festival    
  28 Jul 2017 22:00 TBA, Galway   (supporting) The Clockworks    
  4 Aug 2017 18:00 Scariff Harbour., Scariff Co. Clare.   Scariff Harbour Festival (in support of Little Hours)