Fia Rua

Galway, County Galway

“Posessing an incredibly distinctive voice with a quavering dept, he draws the listener in and holds nothing back”

Described by Hotpress as "a folking brilliant piece of work'" Galway artist Fia Rua's new album Falling Time might be just what the doctor ordered for these days of uncertainty and change. The album which was released to much aclaim last month offers us a fresh soul full kind of alt- folk that can touch the heart as-well as getting the collective feet tapping. Fia Rua is Eoghan Burke, a man with a very distinctive voice that sings like he means it, with lyrics that vary from personnel tales of heartbreak and loss, to his own unique social commentary. The sound of the album is is hard to categorize, theres fiddles, guitars and voice, then theres synths, drums, bodhrans....But it all sits together beautifully, Burke's vocal never lets you forget who your listening to. Special guest's on the album include the wonderful Jinx Lennon who's rant adds yet another dimension to Falling Time.
If there's a new act that is deserving the nations attention this year its surely Fia Rua.

" a folking brilliant piece of work… contemporary and timeless..4\5**** " Hotpress

" Falling Time' is a great album. I often have 'Dancing About Architecture' moments when I write reviews where I find it difficult to explain my fondness for an album...11\12"
Peter Nagle - 2UIBESTOW

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Fia Rua - Falling Time Fia Rua and Jinx Lennon - Shakier

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