Ger Fox Sailing

Wexford, County Wexford

Ger Fox Sailing is a new band formed by old friends, Johnny Fox, Derren Dempsey, Richie Mason and Marc 'Harvey' Hillis.

The four member's mutual musical understanding dates back to the early naughties when their respective journey's began crossing paths - Richie and Johnny were learning their trade with Bengie while Derren and Harvey (who were already old pros by this time) were melting people's faces with Laminate. The two Wexford bands shared a lot of similar tastes and a similar approach to their music and the friendships made during this period led to Johnny later joining Laminate, Derren and Johnny subsequently forming The River Fane and in more recent times to Richie and Harvey playing together in WOLFF.

Ger Fox Sailing is a continuation of this story. The old influences continue to rear their ugly heads (Nirvana, QOTSA, Helmet, Fugazi etc..) but as some of the anger is replaced with contemplation and some of the riffage and precision is replaced with texture and fluidity, the band is encouraging the conversation into unknown territory and is confident that something quite interesting is taking shape.

More to follow..

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