Dublin, County Dublin

We are a (mainly) instrumental rock band who play music. Music that is big. Big music. With pointy bits. But there’s some pretty biteens. And lots of twists and turns. Twisty turny pointy bits. That occasionally float. Like tasty croutons. In a funky soup. Floaty tasty funky croutons. Of goodness.

Things other people have said about us:

"Groundburst’s live show offers a ferocious rhythmical assault that at any given moment is equally likely to dissolve into full on noise chaos or open up into blissfully melodic vistas" - Hot Press

"an all-inclusive brand of technical art-rock" - State Magazine

"how hard do Groundburst rule? serious fucking band..... there'd only be a handful of instrumental bands I'd be into, and these lads are among em." - Chew Your Own Fat blog

"It is easy to label their sound as progressive and alternative, but because so much is on show with their music, it also answers the question of what a song that has the kitchen sink thrown in would sound like" - U and I Music Magazine

"fuzzed up guitar heavy sounds interspersed with lots of mellow calmer moments" - Road Records

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