Holy Innocents

Belfast, County Antrim

The Holy Innocents rose from the Northern Irish provincial town of Ballymena a year or two ago.
Built around Eamonn McNamee and based in Belfast, they are a band on a mission.
With songs of rumbling menace, of heartbreak, dark nights and relationships shattered, The Holy Innocents owe a debt to Lou Reed, Bob Dylan, The White Stripes, Leonard Cohen and Johnny Cash. They are furiously out of step with any diktats of contemporary fashion. They will not be told what to do. But their insouciant style masks a steely determination and assured grasp of where they’ve been and where they are going.


For further information, contact theholyinnocentsband@gmail.com

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The Holy Innocents - Freshly Fallen Snow (BBC Live) The Holy Innocents - Epistle to Home (BBC Live)