County Cork

Wedding day is the most beautiful day in everybody life.It is actually joining the two family .The girl family should love the boy family and the boy family should love the girl family.It is said that marriages are made in heaven.It is a sacred union of soulmates who may not belong to the same caste,creed or colour.Girls and boys are looking for a well read match,suitable match,compatible,like minded and well educated match.On that day the bride and bride groom wear colourfull dress and ornaments and as beautifull they ever before and ever later.Love should be divine and it should be.Taking photographs is one the most important thing in the occasion.The photos of bride and bride groom are taken with their parents ,relativies,cousins and friends.The most important moment in wedding day is the boy puts the wedding lock on the girls neck.After that there are many beautifull moments on that day.It is the most spectacular,colourfull day in everyone life.The virgin get married and she is turning in to wife.On that day the groom is as beautifull as angel.All the religions conduct their marriage infront of spiritual leaders.Christian conduct their marriages on church in behalf of the father,sister and the whole family with the blessing from the Jesus Christ,same thing is conducted in other religions.There are many divorce cases are increasing because the new generation boys and girls will not adjust and will not face the circumstances,crisis and struggles in their life.

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