Jane Willow

Dublin, County Dublin

"It is all about how you deliver a song, how you express the feeling of the song. I never really felt interested in the technical aspect of songwriting or writing songs that people want to hear. For me it's more of an emotional experience I guess."

Dutch singer-songwriter Jane Willow moved to Dublin inspired by musicians like Glen Hansard, Lisa Hannigan and Paul Brady to find the time to write songs and perform at various gigs across the country. Her spare time she dedicates to writing poetry, busking on Grafton Street and "some occasional babysitting to make a living", she states.

Willow is mainly influenced by the lyrical songs of Leonard Cohen and the vocal styles of well-known jazz singers like Nina Simone and Billie Holiday. Her vocals are warm and soft with a jazzy undertone. Her songs talk of philosophical themes; "Where The Wind Blows", "Give It Time" and the more common themes of love. Her hauntingly beautiful “James” sings of the loss of a lover; “James weak are the bones of me when I see you pass me by...”

You’ll have all the opportunity to see her live if you’re lucky enough to live in Ireland.
Or when you’re inconveniently based outside of Ireland, click here; http://www.youtube.com/user/Janzah

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