Ka tet

Galway, County Galway

Ka tet are a Galway(Ireland) based, three-piece rock band whose sound focuses as much on 3 part vocal harmonies as it does on crunchy guitar riffs, gripping rhythms and chunky bass undertones. Their hard hitting music has been compared to the likes of Pearl Jam, Queens of the Stone Age, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Them Crooked Vultures. The band encapsulates elements of all of these influences, combining them to create a unique and exciting new sound.

Ka tet have released two singles to date from their debut album 'ARCADIA', 'Let my Lady' and 'Bob N' Charlie'. ‘ARCADIA’ was recorded between Grouse Lodge Studios and Cold Room Studios and was mastered by Richard Dowling in Wav Mastering Limerick.

The band have been extensively touring Ireland and have built up a reputation as an act that needs to be experienced live. They have graced the stages of Knockanstockan, Indiependance, Vantastival, Gateway and Helium Festivals as well as dozens of the country’s top music venues and will be embarking on a European Tour this Winter. Ka tet signed with Irish independent record label Ruby Music in late 2012. 'ARCADIA' was released on the label in Ireland on August 19th and internationally on October 14th.

“This is GOD. Baby on the Brink is an international radio hit!”-Kim Fowley(ex-manager of The Runaways)
“An exciting, raw debut album Arcadia works to show Ka Tet musical talents and abilities in a strong introduction from the Galway natives that contains flashes of real brilliance.” -Stephen White, TheJournalist.ie
“The Waiting is laced with the menace and World’s Edge with its rousing sing a long chorus “treat me better” is one of those tunes that will stick in the head for days on end.” -Frank Hughes, Goldenplec.com
__________________________________________________________________________________________________“Seamlessly shifting between heavy desert stomp and mellow passages, with the odd jazz noodle thrown in for good measure, the Ka Tet lads are taking the term “radio friendly” and ripping it apart.”-Pauly K, chewyourownfat.com
“Their new album, “Arcadia”, is a delightful combination of a rockabilly pounding and a more relaxed, softened out music essence. Moreover, there is a slight presence of jazz added to the mix to provide this wonderfully heavy rock offering. Ka Tet are unafraid of educating Irish audiences on what real, and deliciously imperfect music sounds like. Instead of cramming a debut album with a handful of classics and multiple filler tracks, “Arcadia”, is an album that is pure gold from start to finish.”- Elaine McDonald, dublinconcerts.ie
“The rhythm section powers the whole album along, mixed with some great harmonising and guitar work result in producing a strong debut effort. ‘Baby on the Brink’ is held together by a riff Mr Iommi himself would be proud of. Personal highlight is ‘Bob N’ Charlie’, an acoustic led song very different to the rest of the album but demonstrating the eclecticism of the music on offer. One band I’ll be sure to catch live at the first opportunity.”- Ross Scott, chordblossom.com
"Ireland has produced a batch of incredible rock bands in many styles over the years i.e. Thin Lizzy, U2, Van Morrison, Rory Gallagher, Boomtown Rats. Ka tet c'mon in, your pure rock is embracing both musically and lyrically. If the album "Arcadia" is an indication, it will only get even better from here on out"- Jonathan L Radio Programmer and Presenter, Lopsided World Of L

“Ka tet produce a slightly abrasive style of math rock, using a fantastically
inconsistent rhythmic backdrop to add multiple dimensions to their sound” -AU
“If you’re a fan of Kyuss/QOTSA then Ka tet will be right up your alley. The band
take their art pretty seriously too, which is a breath of fresh air in these days of
every chucklehead with an M-Audio box ham-fistingly recording every note they
play, and expecting some sort of pay off. The point is; keeping it old school works.
Which sorta sums up Ka Tet.“ -chewyourownfat.com
“If ambitions stay true and continue in the direction that they are going,
then this could be a big year for them. Their sound is rock and funk and God
damn, it’s good! “-Ray Wingnut’s BIG ONES, Drop-d.ie
“Ka tet employ a wide variety of musical styles and subject matter in their
songs. From the haunting ballad “Bob ’n’ Charlie” which tells the story of one
man’s descent into the seductive world of addiction and his subsequent battle
for freedom to the quick and heavy “Worlds Edge”.- Denis Mannion Drop-d.ie
“Ka tet have, through their electric live performances and quality demo
recordings, built up a solid reputation and fan base as one of the best rock /
alt / experimental bands around, with grinding guitars, pulsing percussion and
Tommy rocking the mic with powerful Eddie Vedder-esque stylings ...”-Limerick
Entertainment Guide
“Ka tet performed an incredibly tight live set. The lines “Wake up, wake up
now” still ring in my ears as many elements of their live set edged their way
into my brain for the rest of the weekend.”-Ros Madigan, Goldenplec.com
“Ka tet are one of the west’s hardest working bands. With their original
sound, creativity and enthusiasm, these guys are ones to watch.
“-Fergal D’Arcy, i102-104
"This is an example to any band out there who wants to take the game seriously;
make an album, put out some killer singles, make the effort with your videos, and
gig your asses off. Music wise, the lads switch between down beat and sombre,
to soaring and scuzzy, with consummate ease. Another solid tune.I reckon if
you’ve got a Kyuss record in your collection, then you need Ka tet in your life."
- Pauly K, chewyourownfat.com
"How I let this band slip me by is questionable. They have an essence of
Josh Homme’s Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age about them, and I don’t just
mean in the vocals. It’s scuzzy rock music from the west..." - 7billionpeople.net
“Their combined passion and lively energy together with Tommy’s soaring lyrics
creates many surreal moments during their performance. These guys are a hard
act to follow!”- The Dublin Randomness Meetup, Meetup.com
“Ka tet’s star is only just beginning to rise and there’s no telling how high
it will go.”-mayonews.ie

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"Let my lady" by Ka tet Bob N' Charlie - Official Ka Tet (Live @ Citóg) ka tet  (live in dublin - the mercantile - 09.05.13)