Katie O'Connor

County Dublin

Katie O’Connor is a voice and a guitar. Her strong lyrical expression and catchy melodies are delivered through deep, raspy tones which capture the essence of her compositions perfectly. Her broad musical style ranges from melancholic acoustic folk to the uptempo, sensual and soulful.
Native to a small town in the west of Ireland, O’Connor began playing and singing at the age of 16. However it wasn’t until 2011 that she began to share her music in the public domain. Entering the music scene as a busker on the streets of Galway, she began to attract a following and it was their confidence and connection with her music that inclined her to aspire to more formal events. Open mic nights and intimate gigs provided a platform for her original compositions. This connection, between O'Connor and her audience remains the inspiration for her performance. And the connection is palpable. It is this intriguing anomaly that has born witness to her growing fan base, and continues to be the motivation behind her writing and performance on stage.

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