Lauren Ní Chasaide

County Dublin

Lauren Ní Chasaide is a young pop-rock act from Dublin. From the background of extraordinary talent that is her family of legendary traditional Irish musicians, Lauren now emerges in a completely different genre. She is currently her entirely self-produced debut EP entitled 'Indigo'. The very first preview of her upcoming self-produced record will be available very soon.

With a striking mixture of electronic and acoustic elements, a rocky edge likened to that of No Doubt, ethereal vocal styling reminiscent of the Cranberries, and Lauren's fresh style of composition, the result is a truly distinctive sound. Her haunting lyrics in both English and Irish have already begun to make an impression having appeared on various radio and television shows and even receiving award nominations despite having yet to reveal any of her highly acclaimed pieces save for her debut single 'This in Time Will Pass' which was released in aid of Childline in 2016. A mysterious air surrounds the music of Lauren Ní Chasaide and her next release is certainly one to look out for.

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