Le Galaxie

County Dublin

[New album LE CLUB our OCTOBER featuring the singles 'Lucy Is Here' and 'Humanise]

['FADE 2 FOREVER' EP out now on 10-inch white vinyl and MP3 on the Delphi Label]

[Debut album LASERDISC NIGHTS II available to download FREE now @ www.legalaxie.net]


[The battle of grids versus guitars]
[Collapsing synth supernovas and thunderous drum starfields]
[Musical maximalism]

[Live battles have taken place at the Bud Rising, Forbidden Fruit, London Calling, Electric Picnic, Popadelica Festival in Sweden, Europavox Festival in France, Berlin Festival, and supporting the likes of The Presets, New Young Pony Club, Sleigh Bells and The Whip]

WATCH 'MIDNIGHT MIDNIGHT' HERE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hhbs3u9AUbA
WATCH 'LOVE SYSTEM' HERE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HQ5D2byR3Y
WATCH 'ORION' HERE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2IWTXPQw1U
WATCH 'YOU FEEL THE FIRE' HERE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfZx_qo_VuE


Le Michael Galaxie [Guitar - Synths - Percussion - Programming - Vocals -Vocoder]

Le Alastair Galaxie [Drums]

Le David Galaxie [Bass - Synths - Programming]

Le Anthony Galaxie [Guitar - Synths - Programming]


'Over the past two years, Le Galaxie have transformed themselves into a juggernaut of a party band, jack knifing into crowds who are only too happy to take the hit. Without question, one of the best sets of the weekend. *****' IRISH TIMES

'[Le Galaxie] showed once again why they are the best live dance act in Ireland right now... the 2am slot feel like a late-night celebration of a band who are only getting better.' NIALLER9

'Even better are Le Galaxie, who have graduated from a 2011 lunchtime slot to the show that everybody wants to see late tonight. They are simply fantastic, faultless from start to a finish...' HeinekenMusic.ie

'For sheer exuberance on stage no one came close to Le Galaxie over the whole weekend. Their set began at 2am and one hour later everyone inside the Little Big Tent was a mess of glee and exhaustion. Lethal.' Entertainment.ie

'Le Galaxie have upped their game to match their profile...But it is the music, above all else, that make this performance one of the biggest hits of the weekend...[They] depart stage-left safe in the knowledge that they’ve just conquered Stradbally. Stay tuned as they continue get bigger and better.' State.ie

'The most danceable thing we’ve come across from an Irish band since Jape hit his heights...' AU MAGAZINE

'Merging all the delirious wonderment of Daft Punk with Kraftwerk, Le Galaxie are that and so much more...' HARMLESS NOISE

'With theatrical vocal quips and their brand-new debut album Laserdisc Nights 2 clutched in glittering gloves of synthesizers and guitars, pegged on rhythms that stomp like stilettos on glass...' LE COOL

'The high-tide mark in Irish electronica thus far, in 2011...' ALTERNATIVE IRISH REVIEW

'...an album that glitters with eleven slabs of solid gold dancefloor fillers...' THE SUN

'...they launch into the kind of showing to leave you open mouthed in astonishment. Surely, Le Galaxie’s cover as Ireland’s best kept musical secret is about to be blown wide open...'

The entire set was a mind-blowing, sample-tastic,synth-shimmering, teasingly-torrential guitar fuelled frenzy, which the crowd adored them for....'

'Meshing pounding techno rhythms, shimmering cyber-synths and cascading streams of sonic guitar-wizardry, sci-fi sampledelics Le Galaxie have wasted no time stamping their 'grid vs guitars' ethos on 2008...'

'Le Galaxie is God!'

'The combined energy of any of the bands on Castlepalooza’s first day was nothing compared with the buzz from the crowd in the HMV tent for those 40 minutes...'

'...for an instrumental synth band triggering sound bites about machines taking over they certainly can rock out. Guitars and synths that cascade and hey, surely techno geeknerds don’t rock out like this do they?...bubbling and synthing and jumping about and crowd participation amd alive like the heart of your nearest star. ...we’ll be back for more...'

'Plenty to twitch and stomp your feet to here...out of this world...'

'[We Bleed The Blood Of Androids] is as fine an example as any of their spaced-out, sci-fi inspired sonic explorations...manages to retain and organic warmth that's rare to find in electronica...'

'[We Bleed The Blood Of Androids] from loudly heralded Dublin space rockers Le Galaxie sounds like Mercury Rev fronted by Hal, the bonkers super-computer from 2001: A space odyssey. As eerie synths creak and guitars swoon and sigh, a (possible insane) robot chirrups menacingly in the foreground- all to goosebump-inducing effect. Please buy this and make them famous...”

'...‘We Bleed The Blood of Androids’ manages to be about as intergalactic as the name suggests, a sodastream of audio that is bubbling with invention from start to finish...this is one of the few genuinely exciting acts to emerge from the capital this year. Catch them before they go supernova...'

'...on the night [IMTV Awards] I saw one of the best live sets in recent years by Le Galaxie...'

Bookings/Press Contact: popemichaelpope@gmail.com or legalaxie@gmail.com


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Humanise - Le Galaxie Le Galaxie - We Bleed The Blood Of Androids Le Galaxie - Love System (Feat. Elaine Mai) Le Galaxie - Midnight Midnight