Lowlight Gathering

Monaghan, County Monaghan

Lowlight Gathering’s musical journey began four years ago in Monaghan, a small town with a big interest in music. Singer - songwriter, Charlie Livingstone, brought together a number of local musicians with the simple goal of creating some original music. Daniel Donnelly (guitar and vocals), Gregory O’ Neill (bass) and Michael McKenna (percussion and vocals) began working with Charlie and created the basis for Lowlight Gathering today.

The style of music these musicians created was unique from the very start. The genre proved hard to identify which led them to simplify it as ‘folk –rock’. Strong lyrics and fluid harmonies, backed up by a rigid rhythm section brought them across Ireland, playing shows in almost every county. The band worked hard and was rewarded for their efforts when they got the chance to support such acts as The Hothouse Flowers, The Riptide Movement, Red Empire and Ryan Sheridan.

Throughout Lowlight Gathering’s lifetime, additional musicians have joined the four initial members. Each brought their own style and ideas to the group and increased the band’s notoriety. In January 2016, Danny Mahoney (keyboard and vocals) and Shane Murphy (electric guitar) joined the band and made a significant impact to the sound that is Lowlight Gathering. The addition of two electronic instruments brought the band away from their acoustic roots and helped develop a truly unique sound. Intense harmonies now compliment most songs as they further try to push the boundaries of their original music.

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