County Dublin

First solo release from ex-Amplifier bass player and riffmeister extraordinaire Neil Mahony. 4 tracks of juggernaut riffs, hypnotic melodies and thunderous sexy grooves.
All music performed by Neil Mahony except drums by Gavin Kenny.

“The record says I’m better when I have somewhere to direct my emotions. It says that bile and anger and a growing distrust of oneself are all pertinent influences when it comes to making an artistic statement to be shared with people who don’t really know you.”

So says Mahoney, one-man wall of sound. Mahoney was formerly known as Neil Mahony, bassist and riffmeister extraordinaire in nu-prog pioneers Amplifier. He left the band in not entirely amicable circumstances in 2012, subject to a gagging order about the split, and with perhaps a slightly bitter taste after being airbrushed from their history. So fuck them, and let's talk about Mahoney.

This record is Mahoney’s first output since Amplifier’s The Octopus in 2010. “In November 2013 I noticed there was a hole. I used to perform. I used to create and sculpt and hone,” says the newly solo artist. “By then I hadn’t done any of that for over two years. I was in Amplifier for 14 years. It was an incredible period in my life and I’m immensely proud of the music we made. I also got to play some of the biggest shows that a rock musician can play and met so many great people. But in terms of music my contribution was limited to riffs and soundscapes. I would genuinely watch in awe as these massive rock opuses would grow and grow from all the input of these epic jams we had. I knew I had great songs in me too but there was no room for another songwriter in that band. This is my first attempt at doing it all myself. I was left with a sour taste in my mouth after the way I found myself out of that band and it took me two years to even consider doing anything musical again.”
It was further adversity that eventually brought Mahoney back to the basements of Dublin, initially jamming with friends, and finally into the studio: After my mother died in 2013 I had the reason I needed to get to work. I had been writing about her, the fear of Alzheimer’s Disease - and when she went I knew it was time to document it. This record is for my mother as much as it is for me.”

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