Mekkan Ju

Dublin, County Dublin

Mekkan Ju play the songs of frontman and founder Justin McCann. In 2015 Justin's song "City Out There" secured him a slot at Vantastival, and he quickly got a band together to play a 40-minute set.

Since then the band has gone from strength to strength. Last year we took on Tivoli Backstage, where the band's two-and-a-half-hour performance was recorded and filmed by Loring Films. The resulting 40-minute concert movie is now available in DVD form or as a 1080p download here ( A live album version will be available very soon.

This year the band has played venues from the Harbour Bar to the Purty Kitchen, and there are more gigs on the horizon. We also plan to release a stream of studio recordings over the coming months, which will be made available on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, digital download and CD.

Mekkan Ju has no one sound - Justin's Beatles obsession being what it is, diversity is a big thing with us. African grooves pervade a lot of the songs, and we like to spice things up with congas, djembes and claves whenever humanly possible. The other thing that sets the band apart is its emphasis on the pounding and crashing of the piano. It's an ever-felt presence on even the band's heaviest tracks.

The songs draw on funk rock, blues, pop hooks, hard rock riffs, hardcore punk, gospel, reggae, soukous and Afrobeat, to name a few influences. No sense in limiting yourself, is there?

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