Michael Gormley

sligo, County Sligo

Born in Cambridge England. At the age of 4 my family and I packed our bags and moved to Sligo on the west coast of Ireland. Ive been playing music since i could move my fingers. when i was 18 i moved back to England and started a band called Saint Zoe, we built a local fan base and and released an EP, unfortunately things went Pete Tong and we went our separate By this point i was dying to make an album so i decided to get into a bit of music production, so over the last few years ive been building up my skills and making said album. My music has been described as a punchy aggressive cocktail of quirky raunchy rock with a twist of a quiet kid in the attic imitating a pianist. My album "Dance to your own beat" is recorded and ready to go, so ive been getting my name out there doing support for such artists as Paddy Casey, Mundy and Jamie Lawson. Now I'm on the hunt for musicians to get out there and play some loud Rock n Roll!!!

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