Mother Mooch

County Dublin

Mother Mooch are a five piece Fuzz Rock band from Dublin, Ireland.

Taking their name from a misheard Black Sabbath lyric and their inspiration from a wide range of rock and punk acts from the 70s, through grunge, alternative and desert/stoner rock right up to the current heavy psych scene: Mother Mooch is the amalgam of each member’s eclectic music tastes combined to form something uniquely their own.

After spending several years honing their line up, sound and live show, Mother Mooch shifted gears in 2015, taking their first steps into Ireland’s festival scene with performances at Canalaphonic, KnockanStockan and a storming set at Electric Picnic’s Oxjam Stage. They have shared stages with the cream of the Irish rock underground such as New Secret Weapon, Electric Taurus, The Witch Trials and Wild Rocket as well as more mainstream acts like Sinead White, Jem Mitchell and Featuring X. They have also twice supported former Kyuss/QotSA bassist Nick Oliveri’s solo show.

Since the release of their EP/Demo “Preludes” in March 2015, the band have been attracting fans from around the globe through their extensive use of social media. In July 2015, esteemed underground website Doomed& selected Mother Mooch’s song “Into The Water” for inclusion on their compilation album “The Enchanter’s Ball”, which highlights the rise of female fronted heavy rock bands from around the world.

Their fully self produced debut album "Nocturnes", recorded, mixed and mastered by Gary Duncan in Red Lake Sound Studios, Portlaoise was released on Friday 13th November 2015 and launched in a packed Whelan’s upstairs venue on Saturday 14th November. Songs from the album have to date been featured on In Colour and Shadowplay on RTE 2XM, Dublin City FM's The Mosh Pit, Cranium Titanium Metal Show on Galway's Flirt FM, U.S. College Radio, Germany's The Wicked Lady Show on Grip of Delusion Radio as well as online radio shows in Ireland, U.S., U.K., Greece and Argentina, and has spread through the European stoner/heavy psych community featuring on websites, blogs and youtube channels originating in Portugal, Greece, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, U.S. and U.K.

Mother Mooch will release a high quality video for their track "Hive Mind" in early 2016, followed by a vinyl release of 'Nocturnes' and European shows later in the year. Their song "Misery Hill" has been selected for inclusion on the forthcoming Irish Metal Archives 5th Anniversary Album.

Chloë Ní Dhúada - Vocals
Sid Daly - Guitar and vocals
Farl - Guitar
Barry Hayden - Bass
Danni Nolan - Drums


Nocturnes Reviews:

“Dublin heavy-psych warriors Mother Mooch have been kicking up dust for a few years now, perfecting a desert blues that oozes ominously from the speakers…From the soulful vocals of singer Chloe, to the classic hard rock riffing, shoegaze-y soundscapes and thundering drumming – Mother Mooch create a massive racket that’s all their own.”
- Hot Press Magazine (IRL)

“The music flows seamlessly through grungy Alice In Chains style vocals, up-beat Venom-esque tempos and groovy psychedelic solos… A full spectrum of heavy music – from psychedelia to doom to grunge – wrapped up in one beautiful package.”
- Doomed & Stoned (US)

"[A] wonderful and weird sounding mix of Psych, Desert Rock, Blues, Grunge and Stoner Rock given a trippy modern makeover."
Outlaws of the Sun (UK)

"This is a diverse and dramatic debut by Mother Mooch that has a lot to offer. They’ve taken samples of punk, shoegaze, psychedelic, alternative and mainstream rock and fused them all together to forge a sound that’s simultaneously singular and familiar. The outcome is a melodic and multifaceted album that will appeal to a wide array of listeners."
- Pure M (IRL)

"Some of you may have caught on to the band earlier this year with their killer 3-song sampler release "Preludes".... the full-length has finally arrived and it does not disappoint. The band has a "classic rock" sound that blends many different styles from heavy psych to 90's grunge. That artwork is astonishing!"
- Heavy Planet (US)

"Mother Mooch are a rare breed among Irish bands in terms of the brand of rock they create, an island of proper hard rock in a sea of indie, folk and electronica."
- Remy's Music and Film Blog (IRL)

“Exceptional artwork… impeccable production. .. excellent first [effort] from the highly promising Mother Mooch.”
- Phantasmagoria (GR)

"Amazing 90s worship"
- Metal Ireland (IRL)

"..a small bomb into the psychedelic universe… 'Nocturnes' has to a lot to offer: energy and rawness - bundled in feverish songs. Discover it ... now, old scrounger."
- (DE)

"'Nocturnes' was completely self-produced by the band and they couldn’t have done a better job. It’s very professional sounding for a debut and they’ve maintained an organic sound. The band throw enough at the listener to keep them entertained for the 30 minute duration, delivering a solid slab of heavy rock music."
- Shredload (IRL)

Live Reviews:

“…Voodoo Lounge was still ringing from support band Mother Mooch, an appropriately chosen act with a clear Black Sabbath and Kyuss influence on display, who drenched the venue in doom laden riffs and monumental feedback….wonderfully noisy.”
-Goldenplec (Nick Oliveri live at Voodoo Lounge, 13th July 2015) (IRL)

"Effortlessly cool... It's clear there are few bands with a brighter future in Dublin"
-Pure M (Canalphonic, Bello Bar - The Mother Fuzzers Ball, 8th May 2015) (IRL)


Preludes Reviews:

"Filled with fuzzy rock fueled guitar riffs and heavy drum beats Mother Mooch’s debut E.P certainly sets out to grab the attention. 7/10"
-The Last Mixed Tape (IRL)

"An intriguing and strangely captivating collection of tracks which have a definite desert rock feel to them"
- Irish Metal Archive (IRL)

"Enough hooks to fill a fisherman's basket... Ms Ni Dhúada's vocal, haunting and seductive, floats above and around the music and compliments the arrangements never overpowering them."
- Stonerking (UK)

"As a debut EP goes, there is something about Mother Mooch that makes you want to hear a lot more from them.... definitely a band to watch out for"
- (UK)

"A rock power mainstay that should truly settle well with hard rock fans around the globe"
- (UK)

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