Mother Mooch

County Dublin

Mother Mooch are a five piece fuzzed out rock band from Dublin, Ireland. Taking their name from a misheard Black Sabbath lyric, Mother Mooch is the amalgam of each member’s eclectic and varied music tastes combined to form something entirely new. Their debut album Nocturnes will be released in 2015.

Preludes is now available on free download from

"An intriguing and strangely captivating collection of tracks which have a definite desert rock feel to them." - Irish Metal Archive

"a colourful rock n’ roll vibe... sensational hardrock character... grooving & moving riff flights, storming vocal voltages alongside a rhythm section that stomped & romped out the rock bounces... a rock power mainstay that should truly settle well with true hard rock fans around the globe"

"‘Preludes’... features powerful vocals over a mixture of rock and blues, with a slightly psychedelic influence... ‘Into The Water’ starts with a haunting guitar... and an addictive riff plays out through the song. ‘Sinners’ once again picks up the pace, with more of those great sounding guitars and a pounding beat, before the vocals swirl over the heavy rhythm in a dark and melodic fashion.
As a debut EP goes, there is something about Mother Mooch that makes you want to hear a lot more from them and are definitely a band to watch out for." -

"After listening to their EP, I find it hard to pin just one genre on them. The opening track blasts you away with ferocious guitar riffs, reminiscent of stoner rock. The second is a bit more bluesy, and the third is a combination of them both" -

Chloë Ní Dhúada - Vocals
Sid Daly - Guitar and vocals
Farl - Guitar
John O'Donoghue - Bass
Danni Nolan - Drums

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