Myles Manley

Dublin, County Sligo

Myles Manley is a Dublin-based popstar

who released three collections of songs in 2012/13

-- the 1st was a self-titled EP of orchestrated folk songs, which was released as a book of illustrated lyrics + digital download

-- the 2nd was 'Rocknroll Vicar / Rocknroll Priest', a short album with guitar band Myles Manley and The Little People. This was released as a free download only (via, following an initial limited release in physical form as a packet of crisps.

-- the 3rd was 'Jagger Manqué' a collection of electronic song arrangements, produced by elusive Hatfield-based producer Mr. Jefferson.

Myles Manley performs live with a four piece band, with Chris Barry (guitar), Richard Doran Sherlock (bass) and Paul Donohue (drums).

Greatest Hits 2012-2013 will be released summer 2013.


"Without a hint of exaggeration, Manley is currently one of the best young singer-songwriters in the country and it’s only a matter of time until the rest of the world knows it."
Brian Coney, Across The Line, BBC Radio Ulster

"The new music video from Myles Manley & The Little People is striking enough to stay with you until next Easter. Featuring head-spinning recreations of famous religious paintings, it’s easily the most impressive small budget production we’ve seen this year."
Hot Press

"[Myles Manley EP] is a record worthy of your time and attention"
"Outlandishly interesting front man Manley is truly something to behold"

"[Myles Manley EP] is packed full of infectious, bittersweet melodies and you’ll come to love it like we do."

"Myles Manley’s eponymous seven-track EP is a serenely crafted string of achingly discreet folk songs."
AU Magazine ( )

mylesmanley [at] for inquiries.

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