Natalia Simoncini

County Dublin

Natalia Simoncini is one of the most privileged voices of the world and one of the most innovative vocal registers in popular music.
She was awarded as Best Female Singer at the Pre-Cosquín Festival, and Best Newcomer at the Cosquín National Folklore Festival, Argentina (1996). She was also granted the Gardel Award for her performance along with the Tango Orchestra “Carla Pugliese” (2005).
Natalia’s repertoire and compositions have folk roots merged into a wide range of rhythms and musical nuances that evoke the depths of the earth and the Latin root. Songs like "Juana Azurduy", "La Carta", "El Seclanteño" or "Dignificada" by Lila Downs are not shortage in her recitals.
Natalia is Jaime Torres’ official vocalist, with whom she has made tours around Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia and México. In addition, she was part of the prestigious Viña del Mar International Song Festival (Chile, 2017).
She is currently in the process of recording her next solo album.

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