New Ancestors

Belfast, County Antrim

Dedicated to writing hooky choruses and infectious melodies, along with lyrics that matter, Northern Irish four piece New Ancestors deliver this through their edgy brand of pop-rock-folk music. Chief lyricist and songwriter Jonny Solari always ensures to craft honest, yet poetic words within his songs, which speak directly to the listener in a sincere and relatable way. His words are sung over the music of the guitar driven band, that pulls no punches and makes the listeners ears prick up from first listen.

Though hailing from Ireland, the band cite influences from anthemic American pop-rock acts such as Switchfoot, The Rocket Summer, and Kings of Leon. In combining the high production values and pop sensibilities of these bands with the folksy elements inherent to their homeland, New Ancestors create a unique and poignant sound, encompassing the best of folk, rock and pop.

The lads have brought their punchy take on alternative pop-rock music all around the UK and Ireland on tour, and have shared the stage with such acts as Rae Morris, Bear's Den and The Staves, as well as playing renowned festivals such as Greenbelt, and Glasgowbury. With an energetic live show and a back catalogue of songs that will have you dancing and sing along before you know it, the band always leave the audience wanting more.

"New Ancestors write fist in the air, hug your brother music. Lyrically ahead of the game. A top band you NEED in your life." - PHIL TAGGART, BBC RADIO 1

"This Belfast 4-piece bring together the right ingredients to create an instant-sing-along-sensation." - ATL, BBC RADIO ULSTER

"Breathing life into some of the catchiest folk pop this year, New Ancestors will be the forebears of much, much more." - SCOTT EDGAR, FOLK & TUMBLE

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