Niamh Regan

County Dublin

Final year music student in the University of Limerick.

Genre: alt pop/folk/singer-songwriter

'Niamh Regan catches our ear with a sweet, pure folk voice bursting with potential' - The Irish Times

'Both her lyrics and her approach to composing vocal melodies remind me very much of folk giant Richard Thompson; poetic, beautiful and understated but the nonetheless incredibly powerful.' - Pure M magazine

'One thing is for sure, we’d love to hear more.' - Folk Radio UK

'Musically I'm hearing Nick Drake and Bert Jansch in her guitar playing whilst her voice is unique enough not to be obviously attached to any predecessor amongst female folk artists of the same generation as those two' - Remys Music and Film

'singer songwriter who plays captivating reflective pieces with some very interesting guitar work'. - The Minor Fall, The Major Lift

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