Parallel Instinct

County Dublin

Parallel Instinct is a studio collaboration project between Al Skelly of The Black Overtones and Sarah Something.

Two individual musicians well-honed in their own rights, the musical outcome became a new brand of alternative pop, earning its unique sound from the varying range of music genres afforded by the two members. Al’s Rock ‘N’ Roll/Dance infused background mixed with Sarah’s Pop/Dance influence has earned the duo its distinctive sound.

The project came about after Al and Sarah met at a session with their own band and solo project, respectively. Before long, and after a few discussions, they decided to go into the studio to write and record some songs to see what they could come up with. They were so happy with the outcome that Parallel Instinct was formed.

Parallel Instinct are known for their chilling, well delivered and thought out harmonies along with a beautiful unity of sound which is all played over heartfelt lyrics.

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