Pearse McGloughlin and Nocturnes

Sligo , County Sligo


After playing for years in different groups, I released my debut album Busy Whisper in 2009. It is a quiet album of songs I love and it was warmly received by various critics. Jim Carroll of The Irish Times referred to it as a collection of 'soft focused mellow tunes delivered with quietly assured authority' and others said nice things about it too. I do a lot of visual work with my brother and at the inaugural IMTV awards we won Best Male Video for Ways to Kill a Werewolf taken from Busy Whisper.

In 2010 I released an EP of four songs called 'Twine' and alongside a bunch of fine musicians ( Enda Roche, Christophe Capewell, Sweeney Lee and Sean Lynch) we played many gigs and radio sessions; at the Best of IMRO Showcase, several HWCH outings, Electric Picnic and more. We had bad gigs and we had good gigs. After 'Twine' was released I set about writing a new batch of songs for my second album 'In Movement'. It was recorded by Jimmy Eadie at Bow Lane while Enda Roche and myself did some additional recording at home. It took a while to finish but it was a process of self discovery resulting in an album that I am truly proud of. In some respects it's like Busy Whisper but I think the songs are better, they have better stories to tell.

So, that's where I am right now. It's always exciting to look forward to the next project, to anticipate what will come next, but for the present (and that's the only place we can really live) I will take to stages and platforms across Ireland and further afield, presenting songs from In Movement. Sometimes I will have a crew of Nocturnes with me to hold the songs up high. Sometimes I will be alone. I hope to meet you there. At rest and in movement.


Since its release in June 2012 'In Movement' has picked up some nice accolades. Dan Hegarty made it one of his Albums of the Week on RTE 2FM while ICON show on Phantom FM made it album of the month for July.

In Movement sees McGloughlin and his band producing a wonderful series of gentle songs, atmospheric tumbles, elegant sounds and smart hush-a-byes. The blue hue with which McGloughlin coats such songs as Antelope March, The Lonely Track and Caught in Craft is pitch-perfect, a neat example of how the singer’s melancholic timbre and the musicians’ downplayed emotional rub embellishes what are often the simplest of tunes and ideas. Such rigorous streamlining makes In Movement another album for the wee small hours, a place he seems comfortable to inhabit. A set of songs that, confidently and astutely, carry McGloughlin further along an upwards trajectory............. Jim Carroll, The Irish Times

Whether it's Antelope March, the noir stomp of The Lonely Track or Temps Perdu's jazzy touches, there's plenty of evidence of just how much McGloughlin has evolved as a songwriter since his 2009 debut, Busy Whisper, with the doo-wop dreaminess of Bright Star also suggesting that he's now soaking up inspiration in new places. Crucially, nothing sounds forced or half-formed.

While it would be hard for anything to make up for the damp and defeats of this summer, here's one guy who's really trying his best..............Harry Guerin, RTE

McGloughlin's accomplished schtick is quiet and whispery. Instead of sweeping you off your feet like a tidal wave, this music announces itself by lapping in around your ankles...... Eamonn Carr, Evening Herald

Praise for Busy Whisper:

Soft-focused, mellow tunes delivered with quietly assured authority
-The Irish Times

A collection of haunting and deeply mellifluous songs that gently seep about the ears and promise to wander the mind for some time to come 8/10
-AU Magazine

There are small, fanfare-less albums that deserve to be guiding lights for the aspiring and the jaded … sometimes the most intriguing of talents are on your doorstep 4/5…Harry Guerin RTE

Busy Whisper is exactly the sort of album that should see the LP survive as a format… (it) is a stunningly good debut album that showcases Pearse McGloughlin as one of Ireland's brightest musical prospects (9/10)
- Cluas

beautifully realised, with instrumentation that in many places rivals the words in the war for your affections

Busy Whisper is everything a good acoustic album should be; unassuming and unpretentious. Easily one of the best albums of 2009. It’s refreshingly different and offers a lot more than most (9/10)
- Drop-D Music Magazine

Touching and sensitively unguarded….will simply cut you to the quick.
– Losing Today UK

An immediately engaging performer, whose natural demeanour and soft-spoken asides offer little indication as to the extent of his talent, both as a musician and songwriter.
– Art and Soul UK

Praise for Twine

Singer-songwriters aren’t normally my bag and I was a latecomer to the sound of Pearse McGloughlin but he’s gradually winding his way through my circulatory system with these vitally warm songs of his. Busy Whisper was a great album of 2009 and this year, he kept things going with regular gigs before recording the Twine EP which Spherosphere is taken from. He works closely with his visual artist brother Kevin and the result is fantastic, high-quality art, as can be seen in all the recent videos.
- Harmless Noise Blog

On rare occasions, an artist will emerge who avoids regurgitating the tried and tested formula and produces a truly poignant collection of songs. Pearse Mcgloughlin stands as one of those exceptions.

New clutch of emotive songs from the Sligoman, whose Busy Whisper album was one of 2009's understated gems
- JIm Carroll, The Irish Times

EPs either disappoint, or beg to be played repeatedly. Pearse McGloughlin’s 'Twine' falls in to the latter category
- City Lifers, Manchester


Pearse has performed sessions for 2FM, Newstalk, and Radio One among many others. He contributed 'Jongmyo Shrine' to the Fast Forward compilation released on Indiecater Records to coincide with the 2010 World Cup. November 2010 saw the release of 'Twine', an EP which was engineered by Jimmy Eadie at Bow Lane in Dublin. The Irish Times welcomed the ''new clutch of emotive songs from the Sligoman, whose Busy Whisper album was one of 2009's understated gems''.

Pearse has collaborated with many other Irish artists and in June 2011 released 'Ag Ól ag Ól ag an Garbhóg' with Enda Reilly. The track received play on local and national radio.

He worked with Depaul and the 'LIfe's No Picnic on the Streets Project' which saw the art and songs of Depaul service users represented at Electric Picnic 2011.

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