Limerick, County Limerick

Redshift were formed in the summer of 2004 after Guitarist Bryan returned from america and Bassist Andrew answered an ad in a local music shop. The band was set up as a three piece with Niall on drums. The Band played a number of gigs locally including the clare Battle of the Band in which they were Runners Up and also two gigs in the 500 seat Glor music centre in Ennis. The band went on Hiatus when Bryan and Andrew went to spain for the summer in 2005 and joined a gigging blues band. College commitments then prevented the band from gigging for a while but they continued to write and rehearse new material. The band was completed with the arrival of John as vocalist who also writes the majority of the lyrics. The Bands musical prowess is complemented perfectly by John's on stage charisma and visceral style. Redshift are currently writing and rehearsing the material for their first album which will be recorded this year and actively looking for gigs.

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