Santry / Finglas, County Dublin

Rise formed in January 2013. Rise is a band from North Dublin and was formed by Lee Frayne and Ciaran Moran joining up from previous bands ‘Low Profile’ And ‘Must Try DnD’. Together they wanted to live a dream of succeeding in the music business. Keith Moran (brother of Ciaran) joined in with the lads and tried some covers with the band. Working together they realised there was something there and began writing original materials starting with a song called ‘Turning into you’. They released a rough recording of this song on YouTube and had a great response from it, so they went onto writing and then released their second song called ‘Mind Games’. Rise also brought out an official video of the song.

Looking to complete the band with a bassist, Richard Robinson joined the band in August 2013. Rise have played in venues such as the RDS and have venues lined up, such as Vicar Street. The band also performed and has been interviewed on Near FM in Dublin. Rise are working towards becoming a prominent name with the music industry.

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