Rosie Carney

Downings, Letter Kenny, County Donegal

Rosie Carney is an 18 year old singer/songwriter originally from Hampshire, UK, currently in Downings co Donegal. The eighteen year old songstress has been compared to Adele and has been stirring up the Irish music scene in the last year. Rosie Carney is an exceptionally talented singer/songwriter who is quickly attracting outstanding reviews and support.

Rosie has performed in a number of venues in Belfast, Dublin, Letterkenny, London, New York and Los Angeles and also performed in St James’s Church for Irelands highly acclaimed Other Voices in 2013.

"Rosie, I was told by someone earlier in the night, is a 18-year-old prodigy from Donegal who is "think Adele, only better." My overwhelming scepticism lasts only as long as her first note. The tiny thing is dwarfed by the guitar she commands, while she herself in turn appears to be an instrument mastered by some unseen player, with a magically effortless voice tuned to perfection."- Ross Angeles - Metro Herald

“Rosie’s guitar playing is fantastic and it’s quite a change to hear a this kind of finger-picking style from a young lady – much less from one who has only been playing for such a short time. Her voice is gold – it is rich and fragile all in the same breath. But what I think I like best is the way she crafts a melody and her vocal phrasing. It seems that young artists and old artists have the most freedom in their art because either no one has told them that they are doing it wrong or they’ve been around long enough to know that there’s no such thing. Unlike the rash of young “stars” we’ve been fed over the years, Rosie writes complex melodies that don’t fit into the typical formula for song arrangement, yet (and here’s the real validation) they make melodic sense.” Ryan Brymor

Rosie is currently in preparation for 2016 in which she will be releasing her debut single which will be ‘Winter’, a melancholy and haunting ballad about heartbreak. Rosie will also be travelling to Austin, Texas to showcase her music at one of the most highly acclaimed music festivals for industry, SXSW.

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