Belfast, County Antrim

Serotonin are a 5 piece alt rock band based in Belfast likened by reviewers to such bands as DIIV, Radiohead, Wolf Alice and "a darker 'The 1975'".

Serotonin consists of Lucy Loane, Chris Doyle, Sean French, Ben Bryson and Andrew McCoubrey. The band are all aged between 17 and 18 and enjoy playing gigs around Belfast. The band began with Lucy Loane, Sean French and Chris Doyle in early 2013 before they supported Rams Pocket Radio and A Northern Light with the help of Mark McDaid and Ben Bryson to fill out their sound.
Their recently released debut EP Gestures recorded in Start Together Studios is available on Soundcloud ( ) and Bandcamp ( ).
For any further information feel free to contact us by messaging the page, sending us a tweet ( ) or emailing .

"For too long, this country has lacked a band with the attitude and melodic hooks that America seems to never cease in producing. Bidding to change that come Serotonin, a young five piece from Belfast whose dynamic live performances, energetic conviction and carefully crafted alt-rock has seen their profiles rise from rebellious upstarts to genuine contenders for the crown of this country’s most exciting new band."
- Encore NI

"Gestures conveys the edgy tenderness of grunge and indie rock. There is a surprising maturity to the musicianship considering the eldest member of this band is but 18."
- Gigging NI

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