Siân Brown

Cork city, County Cork

Siân Brown grew up in the North Cork country side, to English parents, listening to 60's music, grunge and Tracy Chapman to get her through a tumultuous childhood with a chronic alcoholic father . She moved to Cork city in 1997 when she was 17 and has lived there ever since. Siân has been writing songs and poetry since the age of seven and has been playing guitar on and off from age 14. Her songwriting really took off after Siân had to admit to her own alcohol problem at 22 which left her sad, angry and fragile for many years after. On recovery she got into a Music, Management and Sound course in CSN, a further education college in cork city. It was here she honed her skills as a songwriter and wrote many of the songs featured on her debut album 'Blue Ruin.

In 2008, on finishing the course, Siân released a 5 track EP. In 2012 Siân released her debut album "Blue Ruin' which had a great review in Hotpress and airplay on a few local stations and RTE Radio 1. Siân, with just herself and her guitar, took buses to many towns and cities around the country on her own to tour her album. She was also touring as part of a reggae outfit at the time too.

Siân then took a break from gigging and touring, quite deflated from pushing her music and getting no where due to no money for promotion. Using her old Diploma in Childcare and Education she secured a job as a play school teacher in 2011. This lasted 2 years. Siân continued to write more songs and Siân's friend and producer, Louise McCormick, urged her to come back to the studio to record them.

Siân released her second album 'The Girl From No Where' to a packed room in The Crane Lane (Cork) September the 14th 2014. She has had a lot of support and airplay from local and national DJ's including Alf McCarthy, Ronin Collins and John Creedon from RTE Radio 1, Micheal Carr form 96fm and Jimmy Stafford and Paul McDevitt from Highland Radio.

Siân married Darqhorse in August 2011, a very talented electronic music producer. They have just released their first Lambdancer single 'Out of my Mind' which is available for free download on their Bandcamp page. They are also currently working on an electronic album together under their band name Lambdancer which is in the mixing stages. Siân is excited at this new direction and has high hopes for this up and coming 'dirty electro punk performance band' who have already played at Electric Picnic 2015 and Dublin Vegfest 2015 and are booked in for Electric Picnic 2016.

Siân is also a vegan baker, chef and food demonstrator on the side! Working under he alter ego (of which there are many) Belly Full of Rainbows. She has also uploaded some vegan podcasts on her mixcloud and videos about being vegan on her Youtube channel.

She is currently working on a CE scheme called the Togher Music Project in Cork where she has just successfully completed exams in grade 1 piano, grade 2 drums, grade 4 electric guitar and grade 4 music theory. Here she has also formed a new band who will focus on her more rock-y tunes with extended jams and bouts of madness. They begin rehearsing this July.

Siân recently smashed an interview/audition for the Masters in Music Therapy in UL and has been accepted to start in September 2016 despite the fact she does not hold a degree.

Siân is a born performer and, no matter what, she will always be making music.

Download Siân's music on itunes, CDBaby or Bandcamp

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