Simon MacHale

Cork, County Cork

There aren't many musicians around like Simon MacHale. Many will know him from his time spent as a singer and composer for Christchurch Cathedral in Dublin, others will know him as the winner of the Séan O'Riada composition competition, and will have heard his work performed by the National Chamber Choir of Ireland. In Switzerland, he's a conductor, and an MA student of the prestigious Schola Cantorum. But on top of all that, Simon is also a gifted songwriter, who's been quietly gigging his own material in venues around Cork and Dublin, and as far afield as Switzerland and Israel.

On 14 February 2012 Simon digitally released his début E.P. ‘Nothing But This One’ (featuring Annette Buckley)– four songs which combine carefully crafted melodies, under the influence of renaissance & baroque music, jumbled up with a healthy dose of pop. There is a confidence and an unmistakable sense of direction in Simon MacHale's music - and though it might take you to progressive rock in one instant and pure unadulterated pop the next, you're guaranteed to enjoy the trip.

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Simon MacHale feat. Annette Buckley - I'd Like To See You Dance