Sonja Sleator

Belfast, County Antrim

24 year old singer/songwriter.

I have been writing my own music for the past 7 years.
I was in a band for a number of years writing music and lyrics but 2 years ago I decided I wanted to try and give my own music the push it needed.

I won a music competition in December of 2013 and the following January I decided to get my 5 strongest tracks (at that time) recorded making my own 1st small EP before hitting the open mic scene in and around Belfast.

From this I have managed to get lots of opportunities playing in places such as

* The Empire - Society Sessions
* Blast106
* The Egg Cup and Whiskey Festival
* The Ulster Hall Tattoo Convention
* Oh Yeah Centre - Acoustic Picnic
* SunFlower Festival
* Ontsofa Sesions in London

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