Talbot Street, County Dublin

Dublin band Spies’ searing indie-rock has an assured delivery that suggests an abundance of experience. The truth is the five-piece band are still in their early twenties and have sounded like seasoned professionals since their first releases: the Liars Call Me King debut EP in late 2010 and the subsequent 2011 single Barricade.
Their music recalls the resolute indie-rock dynamics of The National filtered through the atmospheric tones of ’80s rock. Sharp post-punk guitars, determined rhythms and Michael Broderick’s far-reaching vocals further create the uncannily experienced sound.
Guitar music has a way of being cyclical. And the timing is right for Spies’ live kinetic rock to reach more discerning ears. On their new single Distant Shorelines, the band showcase a grungier edge on the arrangement which is lifted from murkiness by Broderick’s emotive voice. B-side Mint and Lime also has a jagged edge anchored by caterwauling guitars and a tumultous bassline.
Previous releases received regular radio airplay from Irish stations Phantom FM, 2FM, 98FM and Today FM while the band have recorded sessions for 2FM’s Dan Hegarty, Today FM’s Paul Mcloone and 98 FM’s John Barker. The band have received praise from the Irish Times, Hot Press and State Magazine and have played festivals like Forbidden Fruit, and Hard Working Class Heroes.
‘A fine take on the far side of indie-pop” –  Jim Carroll of The Irish Times
“Singer Michael Broderick calls out in a soulful purr over militant drums and agitated guitars. Throw in a handful of truly gorgeous melodies and you’ve got a world class performance on your hands” – Celina Murphy, Hot Press.

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