Stephen Coyle

County Dublin

Stephen Coyle is a singer and songwriter with Dublin based band The Annulments. Outside of this group Coyle writes many songs in various styles from traditional folk ballads and blues to country, soul and old jazz. These songs are written for the fun of it and to help avoid an outbreak of multiple personality disorder. Inspired by classic country and pop song-writing and folk songs that have stood the test of time, these are songs that could be sung by anyone or might have been written any time . Perhaps they might find a home somewhere, now they're being sent out to fend for themselves.

Press for The Annulments album 'Everything I Lost'

"Coyle has a real gift for painting pictures with words... As the album progresses it’s the songwriting that really begins to shine through." Golden Pleck

"...sounding like they could have been written at any time in the last century, albeit with a modern slant, lyrically. Tracks like 'Whose High Horse' and 'Letter' have that classic balladeer feel, while the gorgeous 'Come Down From Your Mountain' is beautifully haunting and reflective." Hotpress

"Their debut album of eleven original songs incorporates the many roots genres that have fuelled the mainstream. It's folky. But it's much more. 'Cuckoo' beguiles with a mixture of occult wisdom and Weimar caberet. 'So Little to Miss' could have been heard in a Kansas City speakeasy." Eamon Carr

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