Stephen Roddy

Dublin, County Dublin

Stephen Roddy doesn't refer to himself in the third person and most definitely does not describe himself as an "Artist" or "Composer". He makes everyday experimental music which, at its best, makes for pleasurable listening. Alas 'twill cure neither War nor Baldness and 'twud be disingenuous to make any contrary claim.
I am vehemently opposed to artistic statements. An anti-statement might be: "To create a body of simple everyday experimental music torn from the rancid tentacles (yes you read that correctly) of empty pretence and self-aggrandising pseudo-intellectualism that has come to define experimental music."
My collaborations with Cristina Goletti and Nick Bryson’s much-celebrated Legitimate Bodies Dance Company have been performed at Birr Theatre and Arts Centre and my most recent dance collaboration with Amy Prendergast has been performed at the Irish World Music Academy in Limerick.
"Line-in: R" is a collection of experimental music released in 2014 while the recently released "Overlord Pt I: The Glorious Rise of Terminus Abruptus" takes a more conventional approach to electronic music. "Alethia" released in late 2013 stands somewhere between the two. All music 3 are available through available through while "Overlord Pt I: The Glorious Rise of Terminus Abruptus" takes a more conventional approach.
Though I've been lucky enough to perform extensively as a guitarist at home and abroad my current musical efforts are focused on sonification, the conversion of data to sound. I have been interested in the clash of music with technology since I bought my first tape deck with my communion money. Years later I hold a B.Sc in Music Media and Performance Technology and an M.A in Music Technology and I'm currently pursuing a Ph.D in Sonification. And yet.... and yet...

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