Stephen Roddy

Dublin, County Dublin

Stephen Roddy is an Irish Composer who although uncomfortable referring to himself in the third person shall endure nonetheless.

He has worked extensively as a guitarist, DJ and recording engineer and is currently performaing and releasing new music under the moniker "Line-In". He's loved music technology since he got his frist "Talk-Boy" and spent his confirmation money on a tape deck shortly after. His music tries to humanise abstract technology based music bringing a touch of Howlin Wolf to Iannis Xennakis.

Outside of the rock and electronic world he has composed music and soundscapes for stage,screen and dance working alongside Legitimate Bodies Dance Company, Amy Prendergast and Daniel O'Connor and his music has been performed at Irish Sound Science and Technology Convocation 2014, The Irish World Music Academy, The Digital Music & Arts Research Centre and Birr Theatre and Arts Centre.

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