Stephen Roddy

Dublin, County Dublin

Stephen Roddy is a guitar player, sound-artist and composer from Ireland who although uncomfortable referring to himself in the third person shall endure nonetheless. He's also uncomfortable talking about and describing his own music but he enjoys making and hopes that you enjoy listening to it too. Stephen works in a few different genres and mediums including electroacoustic , contemporary and rock music alongside his adventures in sound art. He uses the term Digital Music to describe his work as its creation and diffusion is made possible through the digital world. He is roughly 6"0 or 6"1 depending on the shoe and local atmospheric pressure.

Stephen also aware that he needs to write a proper bio at some point in the near future.

Recent performances include:
The Helicotrema finale at the Punta Della Dogana, Venice in collaboration with AAME/DePinto and Jean Luc Nancy .
The ICAD Soundnight at Stadtpark Forum, Graz, Austria.
The CMC's salon series in the Kevin Barry room of the National Concert Hall.

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Some of his music can be licensed for Film, TV and Games through Getty Images Music and Music Dealer sunder the Alias "Line-In".

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