Stuart Wilde

Cork, County Cork

Stuart Wilde’s music is unique. Dark, heartfelt and poetic, his songs range from thunderous to tender, populated by stories of lost love, shadow worlds, dirty dishes, the sea and crows.
Performing solo, or with accompanying musicians, Stuart’s shows are thought provoking and engaging. He plays guitar & foot percussion to accompany his singing, making a big sound, which could be described as Alternative Irish Blues. 

“The Black Crow” appeared at No.16 in 2UIBestows Top 20 Albums 2011. 2UIBestow is a popular Irish Music blog:
“The Black Crow is a wonderfully orchestrated piece of art which on the one hand contains charm and atmosphere while on the other hand contains lyrics that portrays loss and escapism.
Stuart's style of music is totally unique, quirky and atmospheric. Any fan of Tom Waits or Leonard Cohen should check out this album!”

2013 will see the release of Stuart’s 2nd album. It is now near completion.
While it retains in many places a similar quality of song writing, it is a very different album to “The Black Crow”.

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Stuart Wilde  Hot Damn ! (Studio) Stuart Wilde "Hot Damn"