The Fret Club

Arklow, County Wicklow

Paul Murphy is The Fret Club....He wrote the songs...When the songs were being recorded in the then Sandswept Studios in Arklow(no longer functioning unfortunatly) with the brilliant engineer Emmet Rees, who also played keyboards, Paul called on the help of local musicians, two of whom play with local cover band 'Feel the Pinch', that would be Fran Harper and Paul 'Gig' Tyrell. Then there was Pauls good friend Danny Kenny who passed away in 2004, may he rest in peace. Percussions were played by Niall Kavanagh who loved music and was heading for a great career. Both he and Danny were songwriters also. Danny was a good friend of Declan Synott, who plays with Christy Moore. Danny played acoustic guitar except on 'Paint a Picture' he played lead. Fran Harper is probably one of the top guitarists in the country and he played slide guitar on a couple of the tracks. Paul is happy to have any singer sing his songs if they wish to record them themselves. He also encourages all songwriters to make a CD or whatever and get their songs uploaded on to Reverbnation. It is a fabulous site and user friendly. Emmet used a Roland to record the songs and it took about six sessions to complete the three songs. Paul has a further 25 songs should these three be successful. Paul would prefer some other singer record his songs as he is just too old to be a superstar and likes a quiet life anyway. But if you want to share the songs across your favourite social network then please do in honour of the two missing members of The Fret Club band. Poor Niall died in a car crash a couple of years ago. Along with writings songs Paul is a Poet and you can see him read his poetry on THEFRETCLUBPOETRY on YouTube. He might be 90,000 years old be he is still a rocker and likes Philo and Thin Lizzy. Don't forget to SHARE and love one another.....thank you for listening...

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