The Lost Gecko

Cork, County Cork

We are like a suitcase of memories....

Based in Cork, "The Lost Gecko" is the Scottish/Irish man Malcolm Urquhart, an acoustic guitar based act with cello, piano and bongos. His music is raw, heartfelt and melodic. Clever, touching and sometimes painful lyrics, each song is written for the audience to feel life and be inspired. The expressive and gritting vocals with the powerful melodies are skilfully blended to a profound flow.

After Malcolm did volunteering work in Kenya in 2006 for HIV orphans and families, he felt blessed by his life which westerners often take for granted. At his return, he decided to tell gripping stories through his music. He has released 5 EPs. His latest "33 Earthquakes", released last February, has been co-produced and recorded with Nils Elders at the Blairwood Studios in Aberdeen, Scotland. It was truly achieved under 50,000 tonnes of snow and lightning that stroked and took out the studio.

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