The Lost Gecko

Cork, County Cork

Hold your breath for a few seconds and close thine eyes...that’s the Lost Gecko ,founded in 2005 by frontman and Scotsman Malcolm Urquhart (Singer , writer and Guitarist) the group at present are Malcolm, Leo Mullane ( Guitar) , Mel Del La cour ( Percussion) and Cormac Brenock (Keys). Sigur ros, Moby, Pearl jam, Stanley odd,Jason Mraz, Biffy Clyro, Jeff buckley, Pantera, Metallica, The Who, Guns n Roses, Jimi hendrix, Bush, Nirvana, Counting Crows, John Martyn, Ben Howard, Dick Gaughan, Andy Mckee, First Aid Kit, DJ Shadow, These New Puritans, Damien Rice, Declan o Rourke, Mick Flannery, John Spillane, AIC are a few influences and comparisons drawn from them . The Geckos are a hard working band and have been touring Cork and around Ireland for the last 6 years , performing a mash of covers and original music whilst selling their past catalogue to the masses .They have been heard on national and local radio , and even on Dutch TV imagine that.

A bit obout Malcolm - Malcolm loves to help out his fellow humans so he got to it a while back and penned a charity single gathering an 80 piece choir yes 80 people and launched it to a few hundred people in the English Market ,this raised well needed funds and awareness for the wonderful Cork Penny Dinners nuff said.

Back to the Geckos , Live is where they do it best and reviews of shows have reflected on Malcolm’s clever, touching and at times forlorn and honest lyrics , powerful melodies are delivered with gritt and guts remnant of the great Eddie Vedder , with a scottish ish lint or as one reviewer put it " he made such a beautiful vocal sound that I was genuinely surprised. His initial lilting Scottish brogue seemed to morph into something even more magnificent” (Review from The Shruggs).

Just back from a mini tour in Philadelphia , Malcolm is now getting stuck back into his forthcoming album release 'Unphotographable' with producers Bobby Lee & John Burke at Claycastle Studios Youghal where greatness abounds .His first single from the album 'Rescued by Waves' is on the move with a video to go with it so please do subscribe to us and keep up to date we'd love to hear from ya....... Ciao for now

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