The Needables

Lucan/Swords, County Dublin

“Brilliant! An Americana Irish rock band are few and far between, and The Needables are a very good band indeed!” – Peter Nagle 2 U I Bestow Blog.
“3 big potato sacks full of love” – Lindi Ortega

Welcome to Ireland’s own blend of Americana!

Imagine the mind of Jeff Tweedy and the heart of Woody Guthrie and that’s The Needables.
Made up of musical brothers Beat and Floyd Needable, both former fishermen, both former members of a cartoon themed barbershop quintet, and both men living lives of blissful ignorance, who, on two non-simultaneous occasions, woke up to the realisation that the strings of their hearts made a kinda country twang.

Already in their first year they have played with artists such as Lindi Ortega and Liz Lawerence. On top of this they played the Kilkenny Rythem & Roots Festival, which is a much wanted spot for any budding Americana bands.

Their Debut EP, 'Beauty From A Kiss', is a cotton pickin', toe tappin', tongue flappin', wing clippin', back flippin', biscuit dippin' rollercoaster ride, which is now available on I Tunes and on cassette from the back of Beat's rickety old pick-up truck!
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