The Paul K Band

westport, County Mayo

Paul K
Real Name: Paul Kirwan

Watching the Paul K Band at work is a Masterclass in Musicianship as one is treated to a spectacle in virtuoso playing from fast Jazz and Funk influenced solo's to smooth and silky vocals. Frontman and piano player Paul Kirwan has cut his teeth in many venues in Dublin and Kildare and has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Duke Special, Arlo Gutherie and Shakin Stevens. His style of singing is unforgetable as is his songwriting, which touches your heart strings in one track and then has you dancing with another. His companions, Raphael Dziubinski on Drums and Marcin Gruszka are both seasoned professionals from Poland, both having shared the stage with many major acts including Joe Cocker. Raphael, a student of the Berkley School of Music, is a percussionist by trade and this lends itself to his unique style of drumming. Marcin comes from a heavy rock background in Poland but hearing him play is like sitting in front of Victor Wooton-a melodic joy to behold!! If you Like Music, and if you get a thrill in watching the best three piece band in the Country tempering their own unique brand of music just for you, then go see The Paul K Band-Its as simple as that!

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