The Whiskey Limbs

Dublin, County Dublin

Formed in November 2008, The Whiskey Limbs are an exciting Dublin based band. Their music ranges from raucous rock and roll to hard-nosed balladeering, from songs about girls to... well, songs about other girls. Following the launch of their debut EP in Whelan’s in July of 2009, the band received airplay and performed live on Dublin’s leading radio stations and several regional stations. After a summer of extensive gigging throughout the country, September 2009 saw The Whiskey Limbs back in the studio to record their second offering. To promote the EP, the band played a string of national dates culminating in a headline performance in The Academy 2 on November 27th. The Band has hit the ground running in 2010 with a headline performance in Limerick’s Bakersplace and their first visit to Slane for the 2 U I bestow sessions. They are currently gearing up for what promises to be a very busy spring and summer 2010.

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