This Other Kingdom

County Dublin

This Other Kingdom is a 4-piece Neo-Psychedelic Rock band based in Dublin. Which comprises of Del Kerton, Declan Dunne, Fran Mulholland and Chris Sweeney.

They mix a heady cocktail of sonic guitars with driving bass lines and dark but anthemic vocals to create a wall of Psychedelic sounds.

The have released an EP and a Single to date, both being playlisted on radio stations across Ireland, Canada, UK, America, Belgium and Brazil. Their debut EP 'Sunlight' was recorded in Bluebird Studio's in Co.Kildare. It was mixed by Niall Curran of Hobo Audio and was mastered by Aidan Foley. It was released in April 2013.

Their debut single 'Rise' was recorded in Darklands Studio in Dublin. It was mixed by Daniel Doherty of Ghost Estates and was mastered by Fergal Davis. It was released in December 2013.

They're album named 'Telescopic' is due for release on April 11th 2015

REVIEWS: "Conjuring images of a dystopian future of paranoia, chaos and uncertainty, This Other Kingdom’s heady cocktail of neo psychedelic space rock is one to lose yourself in."

"This Other Kingdom’s haunting backing harmonies and atmospheric keyboard flourishes give the songs distinctive touches"
"This Other Kingdom, wastes no time in making an impact like the recent meteor which hurtled over Russia. Similar to that astrological phenomenon there is an epic quality to their music."

Music Review Unsigned: "will slip nicely into playlists for those long summer festival trips." "6/6. With an old-school appeal and an unconventional sound, This Other Kingdom are highly recommended for those who like their rock music outside the ordinary." "efficient collection that gets the job and done and leaves, which, at a time when other indie and alternative acts are producing self-indulgent noodling around under the banner of “experimentation”, is a very welcome thing." "a welcome injection of difference into the 21st Century indie scene."

"an unrelentingly intense atmosphere it’s impossible to deny"

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Upcoming Gigs

  24 May 2015 20:30 The Grand Social, 35 Lower Liffey Street, Dublin 1   Saucy Sundays    
  29 May 2015 20:00 Bello Bar, 1 Portobello Harbour, Portobello, Dublin 8   Pickled Onion Sessions    
  12 Jun 2015 20:00 The Workmans Club, 10 Wellington Quay, Dublin City Center   Supporting Feed the Kid    
  26 Jun 2015 20:00 Jam Cafe, Nottingham   UK SHOWS    
  27 Jun 2015 20:00 Gullivers, Manchester, 109 OLDHAM STREET MANCHESTER   Astral Elevator    
  4 Jul 2015 21:00 Sweeneys, 32 Dame Street, Dublin 2   Retro Revival    
  28 Aug 2015 20:30 The Mother's Ruin, Bristol   Bristol    
  29 Aug 2015 21:00 The Garage, Highbury, 20-22 Highbury Corner, London, N5 1RD, GB   London