This Other Kingdom

County Dublin

This Other Kingdom is a 4-piece Neo-Psychedelic Rock band based in Dublin. Which comprises of Del Kerton, Declan Dunne, Fran Mulholland and Chris Sweeney.

"Their sound is an arresting hybrid of psychedelia and rock’n’roll, and has been refined considerably since the release of their ‘Sunlight’ EP almost two years ago." (GoldenPlec,2015)

They released their 'Sunlight' EP in early 2013 and their critically acclaimed debut album 'Telescopic' was released April 11th 2015, reaching Top 10 in the iTunes and Irish chart.

"The album lives up to the band’s description as Neo-Psychedelic as they create a tone comprising of floating riffs and echoing vocals." (Pure M Magazine,2015)

"Propellent and distorting, Telescopic merges the indie-rock and psychedelic genres well. Sounding accomplished, the album bestrides and harnesses This Other Kingdom’s live sound to great effect." (The Last Mixed Tape,2015)

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