Tiny Telephone Exchange

Dublin, County Dublin

Like an iceberg, Dublin-based Tiny Telephone Exchange has started moving from a concept of a band to a real live band with five living, singing and breathing members. Formed as a one-man project back in 2014, Colm Kelly (Lead Vocals/ Guitar) began the process of writing and recording the lead single “Quicksilver Star” amongst a host of other songs. In 2016 he was joined by Liz Jennings (Piano/ Vocals), Tom Doyle (Guitar), Dave Flood (Drums) and Paul McLaughlin (Bass) and with that came the first live performances as a full band at Vantastival Festival and Dublin venues such as The Bleeding Horse and Gypsy Rose. March 2017 sees the release of their debut-single "Quicksilver Star" and to go along with it the obligatory launch night at Tivoli Backstage, Dublin on 11th March. Follow us via Social Media to remain in the loop.

In order to become a real boy Pinochio has to rescue Geppetto, his father and maker, from the belly of the shark. Let's see what trials await us in our pursuit of reality.


Colm - Lead Vocals & Guitar
Liz - Vocals & Keys
Tom - Vocals & Guitar
Paul - Vocals & Bass
Dave - Vocals & Drums

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