Walpurgis Family

Dublin, County Dublin

The Walpurgis Family is the three piece chamber pop group comprised of Jeroen Saegeman (guitar, vocals, County of Belgium), Wil McDermott (bass, keys, vocals, Municipality of Ireland) and Ruan van Vliet (drums, kingdom of Dundrum).

Walpurgis Family’s’ new album ‘Dawn’ will be released on January 28th 2012. The release will be celebrated with a launch gig in Crawdaddy (Harcourt St., Dublin) the very same evening with support from alt.country giants Boa Morte and Popical fellows Jonny Fun & the … Hesitations.

On the album ‘Dawn’ they received a helping hand from family members such as Dina Ryan (sax, clarinet), Fiachra McCarthy (guitars, production) and Neassa Doherty (vocals).

The home-recorded debut album ‘Midsummer Party’ was released in May 2010 via Popical Island and contains mostly acoustic pop songs.

Walpurgis Family has contributed to three Popical Island compilation releases: ‘The Island of Benjamin’ was the anchor song on the 2010 Popical Island I CD; ‘Something Wild’, which has been rerecorded on Dawn, appeared on the Popical Island II compilation (2011); and the Christmas song ‘Better Next Year’ was included on the Popical Island Christmas releases ‘A Hard Old Station: Christmas With the Popical Island Showband’ (2010) and ‘Ding Dongs Merrily Get High - Christmas With Popical Island’ (2011).

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